The Southeastern Invitational Open is always flown the last weekend in April and is open to every loft with a distance between 270 and 800 miles. If you like competition, this is the race for you!  It offers an opportunity to find out how good your birds really are.



Member Clubs:
Albany Homing Pigeon Club
Columbus Racing Pigeon Club
Fitzgerald Racing Pigeon Club
Wiregrass Racing Pigeon Club
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The Dixie Combine was formed to enhance the sport of racing pigeons, camaraderie among fanciers, and competition in South Georgia and Southeast Alabama and throughout the Southeastern and Southern U. S. by offering increased competition through the Southeastern Invitational Open.

Dixie Combine Officers:

President - Darron Portivent

Vice-President - Wes Howell

Race Secretary: Reggie King
Treasurer: Bob Lynch



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